Plat Maps

Plat Maps are available to view or download in .pdf format and can be printed on standard 8½x11″ paper. Plat maps updated online on 1-24-2014.

Please select your plat map from the list below.

Plat 1 Plat 12 Plat 21B Plat 24A
Plat 2 Plat 13 Plat 22 Plat 24B
Plat 3 Plat14 Plat 22A Plat 24C
Plat 4 Plat 15 Plat 22B Plat 25
Plat 5 Plat 16 Plat 22C Plat 25A
Plat 6 Plat 17 Plat 23 Plat 25B
Plat 7 Plat 18 Plat 23A Plat 26
Plat 8 Plat 19 Plat 23B  
Plat 9 Plat 20 Plat 23C  Index Map
Plat 10 Plat 21 Plat 23D  
Plat 11 Plat 21A Plat 24  


If you do not know your plat number, you can locate it using the following steps:

  1. Use the web-based application to locate your property
  2. Click “Enter Database”
  3. Follow the directions on the screen
  4. Click on the link for your property address that appears in the results
  5. The Map/Lot number will look something like this: Map/Lot 13-909
  6. In this case, “13” is the plat number (the first characters before the dash)
  7. Use the list above to locate your plat.
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