New North Providence School Buildings are On-Time and On-Budget

Walls painted. Ceiling completed. Architectural light fixture installed.This is a small room located just off of the Literacy Innovation Center that is completely open to the floor above. It is a nice and quiet space to have separate/smaller reading sessions.

The central stair space as well as the viewing birdhouses have been framed and sheathed. Ready for paint.
These are little huts where students can stand inside and see down to the first floor. This is intended to inspire a sense of community.

Masonry completed. Stairs have been poured. Window frames and glass install ongoing.
This is one of the elevations that many people will see as they approach the building. The playgrounds are being built along this side of the building as well.

Glass for the gym has been installed. Masonry completed at all building walls. Deck prepared for waterproofing.
This is the main entrance of the building and faces a parking area. The majority of visitors will be seeing this façade as they enter the building.

Masonry complete. Site grading ongoing as we prep for binder pavement. Majority of windows have been installed with install of the operable windows ongoing.
This is the main entrance to the school and a highly visible elevation. The windows to the Left of the main entrance (when facing the building) have bright red and yellow frames.

Stair Structure installed. Drywall and taping are nearing completion. Ceiling Grid has been installed. Above ceiling utilities ongoing.
This set of stairs is directly across from the reception area and one of the first spaces most people will encounter upon entering the building.

Millwork being installed. Ceiling grid complete. Light fixtures installed. Walls painted. Frames and glass installed.
The Davinci Room is a space meant to inspire creativity more than anywhere else. This is where the majority of physical projects will be created and stored.

Applying the base coat of paint. Light fixtures have been installed and roof drainage has been connected.
Designed with acoustics in mind. The row of windows just below the roof line allow access to an abundance of natural light.

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