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Mayor Lombardi’s Inaugural Speech – January 4, 2009

Mayor Charles A. LombardiMission Statement

The Mayor is the chief executive and administrative officer as well as Public Safety Director of the Town. The Mayor’s goal is to accomplish what is best for the community in the most affordable approach possible. The Mayor’s office is the motivating force behind the day-to-day operations of all municipal departments in Town in addition to administration and all policy and program development. Many Town events are organized and coordinated through this office as well as all constituent services.

Progress You Can Be Proud Of . . .

On April 23, 2007, Mayor Charles A. Lombardi began his eighteen month term as the Mayor of North Providence. During his first 150 days in office, Mayor Lombardi has achieved tasks such as negotiating a new contract with Blue Cross resulting in a savings over $300,000.00 in tax dollars; made much needed renovations throughout town hall; purchased five new police vehicles; purchased a new rescue vehicle; negotiated a new agreement with Sovereign Bank resulting in over $200,000.00 more in additional interest paid to the town; relocated the North Providence VIN Inspection station to a state-of-the-art facility; purchased a heavy duty fire rescue vehicle; installed new roofing and renovated three of our fire stations; secured a secondary healthcare policy which should generate a savings in upwards of $400,000.00; purchased land next to the public safety complex for future development; and made renovations to our existing DPW Building assisted by our town workers resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings. Mayor Lombardi hosted one of the best Fourth of July celebrations this year with a great fireworks display and entertainment; planning the First Annual Memorial Day Parade in Town; has been fighting to keep Camp Meehan open space by purchasing the land; raised thousands of dollars for scholarships and various charities throughout the Town at the Holiday Christmas Party; working diligently to bring Lowe’s to North Providence on Mineral Spring Avenue and Douglas Avenue, which will greatly increase tax revenue; in the process of creating various senior-youth and business committees for community input; already working closely with the Fruit Hill Neighborhood Association to secure improvements to Fruit Hill Avenue and meeting to propose turning the former landfill into a Sports Complex. Mayor Lombardi has put the residents concerns and their well being at the top of his “To Do” list.

Mayor Lombardi’s Inaugural Speech – January 4, 2009

Mayor Charles A. Lombardi’s Inaugural Speech

Sunday, January 4, 2009 at North Providence High School

Some 21 months ago, I stood before you and told you that I would set a course of action that would require my complete dedication.

I had confidence then that our plans could improve our town and make what is good even better. I was fully committed to seeing those plans through.

Upon taking office almost two years ago, I pledged to work with the Town Council and School Committee in order to move North Providence forward in a direction that would improve the quality of life for all.

Our administration came here with business and common sense – firm but fair.

Once we had the opportunity to implement our ideas, our first order of business was to re-prioritize the spending of a $2 million bond designated only for the construction of a new public works facility. With the cooperation of the Town Council, we rebuilt our existing facility. We renovated our fire stations. We relocated $200,000 of heavy rescue equipment from the floor in one of our fire stations to a state-of-the-art vehicle for emergency response.

We purchased and renovated the property next to our police/fire complex to create a public safety annex housing our fire department personnel and Inspections Division, which provides a one-stop information center for building and fire permits.

We addressed our police department needs, both inside our station with renovation, and outside with vehicles. All of this was accomplished resulting in a $300,000 surplus.

All of the building projects would never have been accomplished without the help and cooperation of our town employees. And speaking of our employees, when we came here, we stated that this administration was about “keeping your shoes shined and your attitude polished.”

They have done nothing but, and I thank them for that.

Through a coalition formed with neighboring mayors, we realized a savings of approximately $600,000 in health care costs.

With the cooperation of the Notarantonio family, we saved approximately $150,000 of building materials from their former dealership building for use at our public safety annex and the public works building.

While these were some of our accomplishments, it is important now more than ever to save wherever we can.

Inaugurations mark new beginnings, and it is with great enthusiasm that I look forward to serving you as your mayor for the next four years.

While many say that the economy is in the worst condition since the Great Depression, my administration, along with my colleagues on the Town Council and School Committee, are mindful of the town’s financial circumstances. North Providence, along with every municipality in the state of Rhode Island, is facing trying economic times.

As a result of an anticipated shortfall, our office, the Town Council and school department, has embarked on a series of brainstorming meetings in an attempt to weather this financial storm.

In addition, our coalition of mayors has been meeting in an attempt to lobby the General Assembly for legislation that will relieve our communities from specific mandates.

Because we know togetherness brings survival, the necessity of regionalization of purchasing and services eventually will become common practice and because we call North Providence our home, all of our decisions have to be based on the needs of all our people, not the wants of a chosen few.

Our spending must be prioritized in order to address those issues that require immediate attention.

At the same time, we must keep in mind the importance of maintaining the educational needs of our students and continuing to provide services for our seniors.

During trying economic times, it is incumbent upon all of us to give back to a town that has given so much throughout our lives. While the next few years may be financially challenging for North Providence, I am confident that along with the members of our council and School Committee, we can overcome these challenges by being proactive within our municipal government.

As a municipality that has weathered prior financial storms, I am confident we can use our collective wisdom to make our municipality one that is self-sufficient. I know together we can do this.

At this time I would be remiss if I did not take this opportunity to personally congratulate all Town Council and School Committee members sworn in today.

Sometimes as elected officials we lose our identities at home. Thankfully, our families understand and are supportive of our efforts, but they are the ones most affected by all of this.

In closing, I would like to thank God for giving me the opportunity to serve you and ask that He bless Jackie in heaven.

Once again, I thank my parents, my wife, and my children who have sacrificed so much.

I thank all the citizens of the town of North Providence for having faith in me.

Please pray that God will give all of us the strength, wisdom and courage to see this vision to fruition.

Thank you and God Bless.


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