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For the safety and privacy of our members, video cameras, cameras and cell phone pictures are prohibited from the building.

Members under the age of 16 must have a parent or guardian present to use the pool.

  1. Members/Guests must obey lifeguards at all times.
  2. Members must leave membership card at desk.
  3. Guests buying a day pass must leave a picture ID at desk.
  4. NO STREET SHOES allowed on the pool deck.
  5. NO cut offs or clothing allowed in the pool.
  6. NO DARK COLORED T-SHIRTS allowed in pool.
  7. Swimmers/children may wear goggles without the nose piece.
  8. Children may wear lifeguards with an adult in the shallow area.
  9. Infants and young children must wear swim pants (no diapers).
  10. No toys, no noodles, no inflatable water wings or floats in pool.
  11. Aqua joggers & hand buoys are not permitted in the lap lanes.
  12. Pull buoys and kickboards are for use in lap lanes only.
  13. Please do not wear cologne or perfume.
  14. Members/Guests are responsible for rules posted around building.
  15. No breath holding games or challenges. 

State Regulations

  1. Building must be evacuated when the fire alarm sounds.
  2. Showers are required by all before entering the pool.
  3. No one with an infectious/communicable disease enters the pools.
  4. No spitting, spouting water or blowing your nose in the pools.
  5. No food, snacks or glass bottles on bleachers or in pool area.
  6. No running or rough play allowed.
  7. No one shall enter the pool without a lifeguard.
  8. Thunderstorms – Pool and showers will be closed.

Parents and legal guardians only may register children under 18
for memberships and lessons.  No grandparents, aunts, or uncles
are permitted to register children for memberships or lessons.

We reserve the right to ask for additional documents to
prove residency and legal guardianship at any time.



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