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Please click on the link below and fill in your information under “View General Voter Information” to view a sample ballot, locate your voting district, assigned polling place (voting location) and other pertinent voting information.

RI Secretary of State Voter Information Center

The Office of the Board of Canvassers is located on the lower level of North Providence Town Hall.  

The mission of the Board of Canvassers is to maintain the highest standards of professionalism for the electoral process and voter registration records maintenance. 

The Board of Canvassers works in cooperation with The Rhode Island Board of Elections and The Office of the Secretary of State, Elections Division to protect the integrity of all elections.

Voter Registration

If you would like to register to vote you may visit the office, request that a form be mailed to you, or obtain a form by clicking the link at the bottom of this page.

The voter registration form is multi-purpose and may be used for address changes, name changes, and changes of party affiliation. 

You must be registered to vote for 30 days prior to voting in any primary or election as mandated by Rhode Island General Law § 17-1-3.  Party affiliation changes become effective 90 days after the change is filed with this office. 

If you are interested in working at the polls on Election Day please call 401-232-0900 x 230, 241.

Voting by Mail Ballot

If you would like to vote by mail ballot, you may visit the office, request that a form be mailed to you, or obtain a form by clicking the mail ballot application link below:

You may refer to  for full details.

Voter Forms

Poll Worker Information

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