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Public Works Division

  • Responsible for repair and maintenance of approximately 115 miles of city streets and all public properties

  • Snow removal and treatment of roads during winter months

  • Repair and maintain all surface deficiencies in roads year round

  • Clean up areas of overgrowth and debris

  • Curb side removal of tree related debris

  • Grass cutting at all public schools

  • Curbside service – branches and yard waste. PLEASE NO AUTOMOBILE PARTS

  • Emergency Support Function – Coordinate and provide emergency public works and engineering needs during an emergency or a disaster.

Related Programs In Conjunction With, Or By, Public Works

  • Sign Department – traffic type and street signs installed and maintained as necessary. Certain traffic regulations may require Town Council intervention (State highways not included) Hours of operation 7:00am – 2:00pm – tel: 233-1440

  • Oil Waste – Public Works facility has an Oil Igloo on site for disposal of waste motor oil only – please limit to 5 gallons. Monday – Friday 7:00am – 3:00pm

  • Christmas Trees – discarded trees can be left at curbside and will be collected during normal weekly trash removal, no plastic tree bags please.

  • Leaf & Yard Waste – seasonal ‘Fall’ program – Leaves that have been bagged in correct composting bags or in barrels marked “Yard Waste”, please no plastic bags, will be picked up at curbside on your normal trash pick day.

  • Street Sweeping – annual early spring program – contracted vendor will clean all town streets

  • Recycle Containers – blue and green bins available Recycling Coordinator, Town Hall – call 232.0900 x233.

  • Street Lights – in the event of a problem with a street light or pole you can report that problem  directly to the electric company, the National Grid, with the web-based form here. You can report problems such as light out, light on during the day, dim light, etc.  Having the pole number is helpful.  You will receive an e-mail response to your request.

  • Poison Ivy Control – (Town property only) for information call Public Works.

  • Road Resurfacing – town roadways are under constant observation for upgrading and maintenance – ongoing asphalt program (weather permitting) for potholes etc, etc

  • Tree Maintenance Program – (Town property only) – call for details 232-0900

  • Hazardous Materials, Construction and Demolition – for safe and proper disposal of any suspected waste – household or other please contact Rhode Island Resource Recovery at 942.1430 ext 241 or visit them at This includes all computer equipment.

  • Public Water Supply – the majority of the Town is supplied by the Providence Water Supply Board – tel: 521.6300. The remainder is serviced by either the East Smithfield Water District – tel: 231-0510 (Woodhaven & Waterman Ave. areas) OR the Smithfield Water Supply Board tel: 233-1034 (Smithfield Road and Bicentennial Way areas; Hawthorne Pl / Marigold Cir., Tanglewood Lane / Wenscott Lane plat). Any concerns please contact the appropriate office (the Town is not responsible for issuing either water or sewer bills)

  • Rubbish and Recycling – a weekly collection of household trash – contracted out to a private company – currently the Town is serviced by MTG Disposal phone: 434-1344.  See full information on the Recycling page.

Notice to Residents – In compliance with a recommendation from the Town’s insurance carrier, the Town of North Providence can no longer enter private homes for the purpose of cleaning out the lateral sewer connecting to the town’s municipal main sanitary sewers. This will take effect as of April 1, 2009.

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