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Assessor’s Database for the Town of North Providence

North Providence 2022 Revaluation Presentation
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It is this office’s responsibility to provide the residents of North Providence with a fair and accurate assessment as well as to follow the rules and guidelines provided to us through Town Ordinances and the Rhode Island General Laws.

The Tax Assessor’s Office is required to conduct Statistical Revaluations every 3 years and Full Revaluations every 9 years. A Statistical Revaluation reviews Sales Data and makes changes in value based on those sales. Some field work is required, but mostly limited to exterior inspections. A Full Revaluation is when each property and business is visited for exterior and interior inspections to determine if the data we have in the Assessor’s Office is accurate and based on Sale Review, values are changed. This Revaluation Cycle and Process is mandated by RI General Law Chapter 44-5.

Current Tax Rates

Residential Real Estate Rate: $16.61
Commercial Real Estate Rate: $23.35
Motor Vehicle Rate: $0.00
Business Tangible Property: $58.58


Frequently Asked Questions for the Tax Assessors Office

The Town of North Providence offers personal exemptions to those who qualify for one or more of the following categories:

  • Qualified Veteran Service Dates ($5,000 exemption)
    • World War I 4/6/1917 to 11/11/1918
    • World War II 12/7/41 to 12/31/1946
    • Korean Campaign 6/27/50 to 1/31/55; 10/1/66 to 6/30/74
    • Viet Nam 7/1/58 to 4/30/75
    • *Grenada 10/23/83 to 11/21/83
    • *Lebanon 7/1/58 to 11/1/58; 6/1/83 to 12/1/87
    • Persian Gulf 7/24/87 to 11/30/95
    • Persons who received the “Global War Expeditionary Medal” or the “Global War on Terrorism Medal”
    • Cold war between 1947 through 1991

*Must have actually served in conflict.  

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  • Prisoner of War ($5,000 exemption)
  • Total service-connected disabled veteran ($10,000 exemption)
  • Unmarried widow of a qualified veteran ($5,000 exemption)
  • Gold Star parents (one only – $5,000 exemption)
  • Certified Blind Residents ($10,000 exemption)
  • Homestead Exemption (owner occupied residential real estate – 20% reduction)
  • Total service-connected disabled veteran who lives in “specially adapted housing” ($12,500 exemption)
  • Elderly Exemption (Age 65 or over applied to real estate only – $10,000 exemption)
  • Variable Exemption (Income Based) Maximum income $15, 000 and five year residency required, age 65 or older, or 100% doctor verified disabled person 
Income Bracket Exemption
0 – $8,000 $10,000
$8,001 – $10,000 $7,000
$10,001 – $15,000 $5,000
  • Paraplegic Exemption with “specially adapted housing” ($15,000 exemption)
  • Farm, Forest, Open Space Act (P.L. 1968 Chap.288)


Tax Assessor’s Forms

Annual Return to North Providence RI Tax Assessor
Use this form for the declaration of taxable property located in Rhode Island. According to The General Laws of Rhode Island, taxable property must be declared to the Assessor between DECEMBER 31st and JANUARY 31st annually. Annual Return to North Providence RI Tax Assessor Form

Real Estate/Tangible Tax Appeal Application
If you wish to Appeal your Tax Bill, the Tax Appeal Application form must be filed with the Tax Assessor’s Office. Please refer to the Tax Appeal Application form for full instructions and appeal timeline. Real Estate/Tangible Tax Appeal Form

Variable Exemption
Homeowners who have been residents of the Town of North Providence FIVE YEARS or more, and are 65 years of age an/or who are 100% disabled who’s combined income is $15,000 or less can apply for our Variable Exemption. This Application can be submitted to the Tax Assessor’s office by April 15. Variable Exemption Form

Change of Address Form
Completion of this form will change the mailing address on file with the town of North Providence. Future tax bills will be mailed to the new location. 
Please Note: that changing the mailing information will NOT change any property ownership. Change of Address Form

Business Close Out Form
If your business has sold, dissolves, or moved out of North Providence, use this form to notify the Assessor’s Office. If you business was closed, but tangible property remain at the business
location, you are responsible for tangible tax until the property has been removed.  Business Close Out Form



Notices & Documents 


Legal Notices 

New Residents – Tax Exemptions: All new applicants seeking an exemption must be the owner of record and occupy residence on December 31st to be eligible for the next year’s tax roll. Deadline to apply is December 31st of each year.

New Residents – Homestead Exemption: Homestead Exemption: If you haven’t yet received a Homestead Exemption application for our 2024 Real Estate tax billing or you simply misplaced it, please call the Tax Assessor’s office and have a Homestead Application mailed to you by December 31st. This exemption grants a 20 % reduction in assessed valuation to owner occupied residential one to five family dwellings and a 10% reduction in assessed valuation to combination commercial/residential dwellings.

Notification Of Appellant Process All real property owners must file an accounting by January 31st, EACH YEAR.

Tax Assessor Notice WHEREAS, The Assessor of Taxes of the Town of North Providence, R.I. in conformity with the law relating to taxation, hereby gives notice that he/she will determine and assess all valuations on the ratable real estate and tangible personal property as of 12 o’clock midnight on the 31st day of December.


Helpful Link

The following website link is a direct link to the Rhode Registry of Motor Vehicles and can be used to change your address, renew registrations, and change tax towns.

RI Registry of Motor Vehicles


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