Is trash, recycling, and yard waste pick-up delayed due to a holiday?

Yes.  When a holiday occurs, normal scheduled pick-ups are one day later (For example, for  a Monday holiday, Monday’s  pick-up is Tuesday, Tuesday’s is Wednesday ……..and Friday’s is Saturday).  Here are the holidays that affect the schedule for trash pickup – these dates are also noted on the Town Calendar:

The Trash Pickup Holiday Schedule 
dates are also noted on the Town calendar.

January 1st

New Year’s Day  

3rd Monday in January

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Last Monday in May

Memorial Day  

July 4th

Independence Day  

2nd Monday in August

Victory Day

1st Monday in September

Labor Day  

2nd Monday in October

Columbus Day  

November 11th

Veterans Day  

4th Thursday in November


December 25th

Christmas Day  




What are the conditions for trash pickup?

  • Rubbish must be at the curb by 6:00 am on the day of collection. May be placed curbside after 6:00 pm the night before.
  • No more than 10 containers, barrels, or bags are permitted for a single family dwelling (For example, 4 bags of trash and 4 chairs)
  • Containers or barrels shall be of the 35 or 45 gallon capacity; and plastic bags shall be no larger than 30 gallon capacity.
  • 55 gallon drums, custom-made barrels or containers larger than 30 gallons are not acceptable.
  • Items must not weigh over 35 pounds in any one container, barrel or bag.
  • Bricks, earth gravel, rocks, or dead animals are not acceptable for collection. No construction debris.
  • There is a rubbish ordinance in existence which prohibits placing trash curbside no sooner than 24 hours before pick up day and all trash receptacles must be returned to the yard before the end of pick up day.

Are there organizations that can reuse my “heavy-items”?

Yes. The RI Donation Exchange Program: 831-5511, The Salvation Army: 421-5270; Goodwill: 861-2080.

If I have a general question or complaint who should I call?

Contact Recycling & Trash coordinator at 719-1610

How do I recycle cardboard boxes?

Cardboard is a recyclable item. Cardboard put out as trash will not be thrown away.  Residents are also reminded that cardboard boxes may not be used as a trash container.  Improperly cut cardboard put to the curb or cardboard boxes containing trash will not be collected by the recycling or trash collector. 

Residents are asked to please take the little extra necessary time to properly flatten cardboard down to size and recycle properly.  This reduces the amount of garbage we’re throwing away, and also saves your tax dollars, because recycled items are disposed of at the landfill for free!

Cardboard may be flattened (pull bottom of box out and flatten). Open lid of tote and place flattened cardboard across the barrel and shut lid. Make sure small silver bar is facing the street.

Can I recycle used motor oil? Used oil filters?

Used motor oil and oil filters may be recycled at the Public Works facility between 7:15 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. 

How do I get a new recycling tote? Is there a cost?

Garbage totes and Recycling totes are $65 dollars each. Get them at the DPW, located at 2 Mafalda Street.

What items are recyclable?

Visit the RI Resource Recovery Corp web site or speak with the North Providence Recycling Coordinator, at 719-1610.  Click here for a guide from the RIRRC.

How do I recycle a Christmas tree?

Christmas tree pickups are scheduled in January. Contact the Dept. of Public Works at 233-1440.  Please remove all ornaments, decorations, tinsel and stands. No plastic bags on trees.

How do I dispose of residential yard waste?

Residential yard waste shall be defined as organic material such as but not limited to leaves, grass cuttings, shrubbery, brush and branches 6 inches in diameter or less or other material that may be naturally biodegradable. The following conditions are required:

  • Yard waste is collected from April 1st through December 15th – or until the first big snowfall. 
  • Yard waste must be placed in acceptable biodegradable, brown paper bags or in barrels clearly marked “Yard Waste”.
  • Branches and brush must be cut in lengths of 3 feet, bundled and tied.
  • Wood must be free of nails, cut to lengths of 3 feet and properly bundled and tied. Call the Department of Public Works at 233-1440 for details

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