Tax Collector – Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find out how much I owe for taxes?

Starting approximately August 1, 2014, your balance will be available online at You will need your account number and PIN number (see next question), which are listed on your current tax bill. Please remember to use zeros, not the letter “O” and be sure to put the dashes in the account number.  There will be a 3% added surcharge for paying your bill by credit or debit card charged by an outside vendor for the process. You may also get your balance from the collections department by calling us at 401-232-0900 or email

Payments must be made before the due date and are the responsibility of the assessed owner, even if a bill has not been received. 

How do I find my PIN or account number?

Your tax bill will include your Account Number and a PIN (Personal Identification Number).  If you do not have a copy of your bill, please contact the Tax Collector’s Office at (401) 232-0900 during normal business hours. The account number and PIN are located in the upper right-hand section of the tax bill as shown below:

Find you account number and PIN on your tax bill

How do I change my address?

You must notify the Tax Assessor’s office of any address changes for Real Estate, Tangible Business and Motor Vehicle and also notify the Department of Motor Vehicles of any change in your vehicle’s garaged location. 

I received my real estate tax bill, but I pay through my mortgage.

Tax bills are mailed to the owner of record on December 31 prior to the July billing.  Most banks or mortgage companies will get the tax bill electronically, and they do not request the bill. We recommend you contact your mortgage or escrow company to ensure that they do not need a copy of the bill.  You may be required to send the mortgage or escrow company a copy of your bill. 

I received my tax bill but I applied for the monthly payment plan.

All tax bills are mailed out before July 31 with the first payment due before August 31. Any taxpayer requesting the monthly payment plan will receive the monthly book in a separate mailing before August 31 with the first payment due before September 30. 

Tax Payment Quarterly due dates:
1st Quarter: August 1-31st.  Delinquent after September 14th
2nd Quarter: November 30th. Delinquent after December 14th
3rd Quarter: February 28th. Delinquent after March 14th
4th Quarter: May 31. Delinquent after June 14th

How are excise taxes calculated?

Excise Tax is a tax on the privilege of registration per RI General Law 44-34-2.  The value is determined by the Rhode Island Vehicle Value Commission per RI General Law 44-34-11 and is based on NADA values. The value is then reduced by the RI State exemption of $500.  The value is then prorated by the number of days the vehicle was registered during the previous calendar year (January 1 through December 31).  The tax amount is calculated by multiplying the prorated value of the vehicle by the tax rate. 

If you feel the dates of registration are incorrect on your tax bill, you will need to produce the cancellation receipt (TR-3) from the RI Division of Motor Vehicles and bring it to the Tax Assessor’s office. This document is needed to make any adjustments to registration dates on tax bills. 

DMV Research Department: (401) 462-5720
DMV Enforcement Division: (401) 462-5736
DMV Website:

I sold my car last year, why am I still being taxed on this vehicle?

The current tax bill is for any and all vehicles registered from January 1 through December 31 of the previous year.  For example, the 2013 tax bill that you received in July of 2013 was for and all vehicles registered at any time, between January 1, 2012 to December 31, 2012.  The bill will be issued by the municipality where the vehicle was registered on December 31 prior to the July billing. 

Promptly cancel a registration when vehicles are sold, destroyed, repossessed or stolen to prevent any unnecessary tax. 

How do I appeal my bill?

You may appeal your property valuation or your motor vehicle valuation through the Tax Assessor’s office before the deadline – no exceptions.  If you are intending to appeal your tax amount, you must remain current with the amounts assessed. 

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