Update to the Remove the Whole Lead Pipe Program

March 2023 Update

The Rhode Island Infrastructure Bank (RIIB) was able to secure a $218,000.00 (WIII) ACT Grant “Water Infrastructure Improvement for the Nation” from the Environmental Protection Agency for small, disadvantaged communities. Through the efforts of Mayor Lombardi RIIB awarded the entire amount to the Town of North Providence to continue the replacement of residential lead water delivery systems in town.

North Providence estimates that they should be able to complete LSR’s in 45 to 51 residential properties this year.  The following streets will be addressed during the 2023 calendar year Audubon Avenue, Barrett Avenue, Capitol View, Cushing Street, Ferncliff Avenue, Homewood Avenue, Kentland Avenue, Lexington Avenue, Peckham Avenue, Sunset Avenue, Woodward Road, and Worcester Avenue.  To identify if your home is on the 2023 schedule please contact Dean Martilli, Project Manager at (404) 964-1876 or .  

A brief application must be submitted by each household to qualify for the free upgrade. The four-page application must be completed in full and returned to the Project Manager.


See the full Remove the Whole Lead Pipe Program page

From Fatima Hospital: Do YOU Know the Symptoms of a Stroke? Three Languages

Do YOU Know the Symptoms of a Stroke?

Do YOU Know the Symptoms of a Stroke?

Do YOU Know the Symptoms of a Stroke?


The Take It Outside Grant Application Period is Open

Rhode Island Commerce Corp. has awarded the Town of North Providence funding, Take It Outside in a statewide effort to encourage residents to have increased outdoor activities to reduce the transmission rate of COVID-19. Eligible expenses, associated with the expansion of businesses to outdoors, public spaces, parking lots and sidewalks, include: chairs, tables, heat lamps, tents, outdoor igloos, outdoor greenhouses, outdoor WiFi systems, masks, hand sanitizer, security, insurance costs related to specific outdoor activities, lighting, power sources, relevant signage, bike racks, decks and other costs affiliated with the expansion to outdoors. The Department of Treasury in its guidance, FAQ#55, has identified ineligible expenses are: workforce bonuses, severance pay and legal settlements.

Funds will be distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis. For more information, Brent Wiegand, Director of Planning, 2000 Smith Street, No Providence Ri 02911, planning@northprovidenceri.gov,  401-232-0900 ext. 1227 

Applications can be completed online at the following link:


Interested in Being a Poll Worker?

Interested in Being a
Poll Worker?

The North Providence Board of Canvassers is looking for individuals interested in serving as moderators, clerks, supervisors or greeters for this year’s Primary and General election. You must be at least 16 years old and registered or pre-registered to vote.

Work hours are 6:00 am to approximately 9:00 pm. A training class prior to Election Day is mandatory.
Moderators and clerks now receive $250;
Supervisors and Greeters now receive $225.


Interested persons should contact The North Providence Board of Canvassers Dept, by calling 232-0900, extension 1230, 1235, and 1241; or emailing or visiting the Board of Canvassers at Town Hall, Lower Level, Room G13, 2000 Smith Street.

Denise North Providence Board of Canvassers Office

Voter Forms

All voter forms and information can be found at the
RI Secretay of State’s Voter Information Center

RI Secretay of State's Voter Information Center

Getting the Lead Out of Drinking Water by Replacing Residential Lead Service Lines – Video


See our page with local information: https://northprovidenceri.gov/remove-the-whole-lead-pipe-program/

Reducing exposure to lead is a public health priority for EPA. Unfortunately, years ago, lead was often used in the pipes that connect homes to the water main in the street. This video shows how two communities in New England, North Providence, Rhode Island and Claremont, New Hampshire, are using creative ways to finance the removal of lead service lines.

For more information about lead in drinking water, go to http://www.epa.gov/lead
For more about EPA: http://www.epa.gov/

NOTE: If you need captions, please click the CC button on the player to turn them on.

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