Employment Opportunity: Police Dispatcher

TOWN OF North Providence
Job Opening
Step-1 $48,576.27 annually


Police Dispatchers in the North Providence Police Department perform highly responsible duties.  They handle the reception and dispatching of emergency and routine calls to the Police Department in order to protect life and property of the citizens of the Town of North Providence. They must insure calls are answered and transferred in a timely, professional, and also perform secretarial desk duties required for day to day operations of the Police Department. 


Uses a computer-aided dispatch system, receive emergency calls from the public requesting Police assistance. Determine the nature and location of an emergency; determine priorities, and dispatch units as necessary and in accordance with established procedures; Receive and process 911 emergency calls; maintain contact with all units on assignment, maintain status and location of all Police units; Monitor direct emergency alarms; answer non-emergency calls for assistance; Enter, update and retrieve information from a variety of computer systems; Monitor several complex public safety radio frequencies. Operate a variety of communications equipment, including radio consoles. 


Radio, Telephone, and related equipment                            General Office equipment

Recording equipment                                                                    Camera surveillance equipment

In-House Computer System and Printers                                LCD Display Alarm

Computer Mainframe and Back-Up equipment                   


Education and Experience:

High School Graduate or GED equivalent

Must be able to type a minimum of 20 words per minute as certified by the RI department Labor and Training (Certificate required)

Must be able to provide a medically certified document that he/she has passed a hearing test in Accordance with NENA Hearing Standards for Public Safety Telecommunicates NENA-STA-007.2-2014 (prior to hiring). Hearing – Must have sufficient hearing in both ears to perform essential tasks without posing a direct threat to themselves or others.

Must be able to provide a medically certified document that he/she has passed an eye examination (prior to hiring). Visual acuity –

  • Visual Field Performance must be 120 degrees in the horizontal meridian combined. Corrected vision must be at least 20/30 (Snellen) when tested using both eyes together.
  • Color Vision
  • Applicants must be able to distinguish red, green, blue, and yellow as determined by the HRR Test, 4th Edition.
  • Red or green deficiencies may be acceptable, providing the applicant can read at least nine of the first 13 plates of the Ishihara Test.
  • Applicants who fail to meet the color vision standard may meet the standard by demonstrating that they can correctly discriminate colors via a field test conducted by a licensed health professional.

Minimum of 1 year experience in the Police Dispatching Field preferred

Mental and/or Physical Ability To:

Read and understand written directions, text, numbers and legal terminology.

Learn proper dispatch procedures, including analyzing incoming information to determine the level of resources required and the ability to prioritize calls.

Learn to operate radio, telephone, and related equipment operations.

Perform multiple tasks concurrently.

Maintain a calm, measured demeanor during periods of extreme stress.

Assimilate information and respond quickly.

Handle a wide variety and large volume of emergency calls. Establish effective professional working relationships with other Communications Operators, Supervisors, Police Officers, the general public, ambulance companies, wrecker companies, Fire service and EMS personnel, and members of other public safety agencies.

Hear, understand and orally communicate detailed information accurately and completely.

Speak clearly and distinctly.

Deal courteously, professionally, and firmly with upset callers in order to obtained critical information.

Sit for prolonged periods of time. Employees are occasionally required to walk, stand, and/or move objects of up to 10 pounds.

See and read a computer screen and a variety of written materials, all of which require close vision abilities.

Employees must be able to reach and extend hands in any direction as well as handle, hold, grasp, turn, or otherwise work with hands.

Write reports and correspondence

 Working Conditions:

Must be able to work a rotating shift or flexible hours as assigned. Some shifts may require extended stays at work exceeding 24 hours at one time due to a declared state of emergency (assigned shift schedules are dictated by union collective bargaining agreement)

May be subject to called back to work while off duty (as described by collective bargaining agreement)

Duties are performed in an office environment. Noise is generally quiet to moderate

The employee may be exposed to situations that could cause mental stress


Town Application
Copy of valid Driver’s License  


Must pass a Police Department criminal background investigation, including fingerprinting as described by the Chief of Police (prior to hire)

Required to submit to an alcohol/drug screening (prior to hire)

Produce a medically certified document from a licensed physician stating that a hearing test was completed on applicant and that applicant is capable of performing the tasks of Police dispatching (prior to hire)

Produce a medically certified document from a licensed physician stating that an eye test was completed on applicant and that applicant is capable of performing the tasks of Police dispatching (prior to hire)

Must pass a RILETS certification as required by the Rhode Island State Police (within 90 days of employment)

Must pass a NCIC certification as required by the Rhode Island State Police (within 90 days of employment)

Must pass an on the job training program performed by the Dispatchers on duty overseen by the Patrol Shift Commander (within 90 days of Employment)

Download application from


Questions, please contact: 

Employment Opportunity: Police Dispatcher






Update to the Remove the Whole Lead Pipe Program

March 2023 Update

The Rhode Island Infrastructure Bank (RIIB) was able to secure a $218,000.00 (WIII) ACT Grant “Water Infrastructure Improvement for the Nation” from the Environmental Protection Agency for small, disadvantaged communities. Through the efforts of Mayor Lombardi RIIB awarded the entire amount to the Town of North Providence to continue the replacement of residential lead water delivery systems in town.

North Providence estimates that they should be able to complete LSR’s in 45 to 51 residential properties this year.  The following streets will be addressed during the 2023 calendar year Audubon Avenue, Barrett Avenue, Capitol View, Cushing Street, Ferncliff Avenue, Homewood Avenue, Kentland Avenue, Lexington Avenue, Peckham Avenue, Sunset Avenue, Woodward Road, and Worcester Avenue.  To identify if your home is on the 2023 schedule please contact Dean Martilli, Project Manager at (404) 964-1876 or .  

A brief application must be submitted by each household to qualify for the free upgrade. The four-page application must be completed in full and returned to the Project Manager.


See the full Remove the Whole Lead Pipe Program page

From Fatima Hospital: Do YOU Know the Symptoms of a Stroke? Three Languages

Do YOU Know the Symptoms of a Stroke?

Do YOU Know the Symptoms of a Stroke?

Do YOU Know the Symptoms of a Stroke?


Get the 2023 North Providence Trash & Recycling Calendar

Click the image below to get the .pdf of the 2023 North Providence Trash & Recycling Calendar :

2023 North Providence Trash & Recycling Calendar (.pdf)

The Take It Outside Grant Application Period is Open

Rhode Island Commerce Corp. has awarded the Town of North Providence funding, Take It Outside in a statewide effort to encourage residents to have increased outdoor activities to reduce the transmission rate of COVID-19. Eligible expenses, associated with the expansion of businesses to outdoors, public spaces, parking lots and sidewalks, include: chairs, tables, heat lamps, tents, outdoor igloos, outdoor greenhouses, outdoor WiFi systems, masks, hand sanitizer, security, insurance costs related to specific outdoor activities, lighting, power sources, relevant signage, bike racks, decks and other costs affiliated with the expansion to outdoors. The Department of Treasury in its guidance, FAQ#55, has identified ineligible expenses are: workforce bonuses, severance pay and legal settlements.

Funds will be distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis. For more information, Brent Wiegand, Director of Planning, 2000 Smith Street, No Providence Ri 02911, planning@northprovidenceri.gov,  401-232-0900 ext. 1227 

Applications can be completed online at the following link:


Interested in Being a Poll Worker?

Interested in Being a
Poll Worker?

The North Providence Board of Canvassers is looking for individuals interested in serving as moderators, clerks, supervisors or greeters for this year’s Primary and General election. You must be at least 16 years old and registered or pre-registered to vote.

Work hours are 6:00 am to approximately 9:00 pm. A training class prior to Election Day is mandatory.
Moderators and clerks will be paid $190;
Supervisors and Greeters will be paid $165.


Interested persons should contact The North Providence Board of Canvassers Dept, by calling 232-0900, extension 1230, 1235, and 1241; or emailing or visiting the Board of Canvassers at Town Hall, Lower Level, Room G13, 2000 Smith Street.

Denise North Providence Board of Canvassers Office

Getting the Lead Out of Drinking Water by Replacing Residential Lead Service Lines – Video


See our page with local information: https://northprovidenceri.gov/remove-the-whole-lead-pipe-program/

Reducing exposure to lead is a public health priority for EPA. Unfortunately, years ago, lead was often used in the pipes that connect homes to the water main in the street. This video shows how two communities in New England, North Providence, Rhode Island and Claremont, New Hampshire, are using creative ways to finance the removal of lead service lines.

For more information about lead in drinking water, go to http://www.epa.gov/lead
For more about EPA: http://www.epa.gov/

NOTE: If you need captions, please click the CC button on the player to turn them on.

Code Red Community Notification System

CodeRED Community Notification Enrollment PageSign up for CodeRed – our Resident Emergency  & Weather Warning Notification System

Registration Link

Update – July 5, 2016: This is the Town of North Providence, RI with an important message for all residents and businesses in North Providence.

We have recently upgraded our CodeRED Community Notification System to include CodeRED Weather Warning, an automatic severe weather notification service, to alert citizens in the path of severe thunderstorms, flash floods and tornadoes.

Unlike community notification, citizens must register to receive these warnings by going to the CodeRED website and entering their contact information. At sign up you may select which types of warnings you’d like to receive. Entering your information will also update our Community Notification System with your current contact details. There is no charge to register for this service.

If you know of anyone who did not receive this call who lives in New Providence, please encourage them to visit the city website and enter their information.

Should you not have Internet access, please contact a friend or family member to help add your contact information. You can also call the North Providence Communications Director Ralph Nahigian directly at 401-719-1500 ext 3 for assistance. When calling please leave your name and phone number on his voice mail.


The Town of North Providence has installed a Resident Emergency Notification System called “CODERED.” In the event of a town-wide emergency or a localized geographical emergency, the town’s police department, fire department, emergency management agency or designated local official will be able to call, email, and text thousands of residents at once, notifying them of the emergency and also give instructions if needed. Using GIS (Geographic Information System) mapping databases provided by the town’s GIS Coordinator. CODERED can target a notification to a few as residents on one street, or to residents within a 5 block radius or even a 2 miles radius for example.

Any messages regarding the safety, property or welfare of the residents of North Providence will be disseminated using the CODERED system. These may include local AMBER alerts, locations of shelters for weather events, emergency instructions due to a large fire or chemical incident, boil water advisories, or evacuation notices.

The CODERED system will also allow residents to register for non-emergency and generic town notifications by email and text message. These messages may include parking bans, upcoming town events, closings of town buildings, road hazards, or weather alerts for our area.

Technology plays a vital role in everyone’s day-to-day life. We know that not everyone uses a house phone today. In Rhode Island 74 percent of 9-1-1 calls were made from a cell phone last year compared to 54 percent the previous year. More people use email and texting to communicate and it’s the town’s responsibility ensure we use those avenues to also communicate with our residents for official information.

The call-out database is compiled of 13,000 phone numbers, based on the 9-1-1 database for landline phones, however, there is no 9-1-1 database for cell phones so we need to ask our residents to register with our CODERED system. To do so they can click on the “CODERED” link. They can register for EMERGENCY notifications only or they can also register for generic notifications as well. Residents should feel safe to know that the information they provide on the link is safe. Resident information is not, and will not be, shared with anyone. No one has access to the account but designated police and fire officials.

We encourage people to register. We want the residents of North Providence to feel safe in their community and by providing this notification service to them, it’s another reason they may rest assured that the town is always trying to find ways of protecting them.

If any resident or business has any questions about the CODERED system, or needs help registering, they may contact the Communications Director, Ralph Nahigian at 401-231-8505 ext 303 or email at .


Emergency Information

This page will be deployed in case of any type of town, state or national emergency and during severe weather events. 

Should those types of situations occur, this page will be prominently linked from the front page of NorthProvidenceRI.gov for as long as it is required.  

During an event, we will continually update this page – blog-style – as information is received, with the most recent information appearing at the top of the page – please scroll down for more information.  

We will also be utilizing Twitter & Facebook  to post this same information.  Other helpful information is posted in the left & right sidebars of this page.

To Follow North Providence Agencies Online:

Town Government:  On this website at www.northprovidenceri.gov or follow on Twitter @northprovri or Facebook 

Emergency Management: www.northprovidenceri.gov/emergency-management/

Police Department: www.nppolice.com or follow on Twitter  @nppolice or Facebook 

Fire Department: www.northprovidenceri.gov/fire/  

In a power outage, you may find it useful to utilize a smart-phone and follow one or all of these agencies on Twitter.  These accounts can easily be viewed without signing up for a Twitter account and will keep you up-to-date. You can see a feed of the Town’s Twitter account in the right column.


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